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Rusty DeWees grew up in Stowe, Vt and now lives in Elmore. His TV credits include – Law and Order, Saturday Night Live, The Cosby Mysteries, All my Children, As the World Turns. Film work includes, Black Dog, Ethan Frome, The Devils Own, A Stranger in the Kingdom, Where the Rivers Flow North, Mud Season, and he recently finished the feature film, “Disappearances,” with Kris Kristoferson. He’s appeared in nearly 30 national TV commercials, and was a guest on NPR’s, “Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me” a few weeks ago. Home in Vermont, Rusty created, and is best known for his original one-man show and character, The Logger. Hundreds of thousands of folks have seen the show live and he’s sold nearly as many products between his best selling Logger Dvd’s, cd’s, cassettes, Logger calendars, t –shirts and hats. Rusty writes, produces, and markets his shows as well as his products by himself. If you have a Logger DVD, he’s touched it, several times. Much of DeWees’ time is spent connecting with Vermonters both young and old. As one of Vermont’s most sought after speakers, DeWees gives shows and lectures to High School students on the rewards of substance free living, a lifestyle he follows, but definitely does not extend to his on stage character The Logger. He also plays benefit shows for community organizations, and plays his guitar and sings regularly at an area Nursing Home. Rusty says he’s glad to be here and as always, his shows are rated SC – Some Cussin’

Rejoice in THIS Summer

Rejoice In THIS Summer   Last mid-March through 4:01pm, July 12, 2012, has shown us a more pleasant, beautiful, and perfectly appropriate weather, more than any stretch of weather from any span of a spring to summer I can recall. … Continue reading

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Oil Abounds

It’s an overly warm early spring night, and I’m writing, sitting in a freshly teak oiled, wooden, Smith and Hawken outdoor folding chair, that is pulled up to the chair’s companion table. Four feet away is my black 2011, F … Continue reading

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Leland Putvain

Leland Putvain Leland Putvain is six feet plus one inch. He used to weigh 340, now he’s 180. Leland is bear-like, partly because of the God-given way he carries himself, but mostly because God made him hairy. I’d bet my … Continue reading

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Or Fear disease Fear the press Fear success Fear neighbors Fear Obama Fear Bush Fear talent Fear time Fear loss Fear organization Fear responsibility Fear possibility Fear authority Fear religion Fear ambition Fear opposition Fear butter Fear sugar Fear fiber … Continue reading

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Herbie Herbie was my mom’s cat. He had to be put to sleep today. I was in the room with ma and Herbie when he passed, and I want to apologize to Herbie. Herbie had been having trouble getting his … Continue reading

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Worcester Ridge

45 years or so ago a man bought many acres of land, an entire mountainside actually. 35 years ago my folks bought a small number of the man’s acres and built a home on them. I was already out living … Continue reading

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Jeter Hooked Him Up … on the down-low

The sports press is all about reporting and re reporting how great a guy the 23 year-old who caught Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit ball is for giving Derek back his bally. And the whole time I’m thinking, yeah he’s a … Continue reading

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Loose Weight #2

The back doctor in Park City had prescribed yoga for what he called my (“on the fence, one wrong move and you’re done,” back. So from his office, yoga is where I headed, directly. The doctor must have known my … Continue reading

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Chloe Lost Again

“It’s going to be zero degrees, but with the wind-chill it’s going to be 20 degrees below.” It can’t be that. It can be zero degrees and wicked windy. But it can’t be zero degrees, but with the wind really … Continue reading

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Loose Weight #1

Lots of folks have been commenting about my weight. Thanks for being curious and or concerned. I’ve lost 25 pounds and landed at 180, or a pound or two below, depending on my intake of fuel and output of energy … Continue reading

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