Rejoice in THIS Summer

Rejoice In THIS Summer


Last mid-March through 4:01pm, July 12, 2012, has shown us a more pleasant, beautiful, and perfectly appropriate weather, more than any stretch of weather from any span of a spring to summer I can recall.


Payoff for Irene? A miracle? A fluke?

The start of a cycle that will continue for years?

A cruel joke destined to flip and become a prolonged span of dank, dismal, dreariness?

Or luck?


My three answers to those six questions are: Could be, who knows, no one knows.


But have you noticed? Have you really noticed?


Have you noticed our Green Mountain summer has been one worth writing about? Or have you plodded along with your head down through this onslaught of stellar spring and summer sunniness, publically spewing complaints about everything, especially the weather, on the days yousay were too hot or too humid or too rainy?


You have noticed? I thought so, because I’ve heard tell from some folks who normally wouldn’t be too impressed with a sunny day here and there, that they’re having a summer to sing about, to remember – a summer to rejoice.


I can actually feel the sun jolting my spirit deeper in to the good, keeping it well above the plain-ole-content zone.


Fortunately I most always feel great (“a hundred percent” I like to say), and eating very clean helps, but I’d bet money my body is performing at elevated levels it’s never reached before, all because of this perfect stretch of weather, with it’s consistent doses of warmth, and sun, and extra infusion of vitamin D.


I’m serious. I’m tanner than ever, and contrary to what you often hear, I believe sun- done right – is good for your health, and not necessarily bad for the skin.


I read about it all in “The End of Illness” by Cancer doctor David B. Agus. He must know more than you or I, which is why I tend to believe him, not you or I, when it comes to sun and skin. Anyway, my skin, and bones, and muscles, and hair, and the entire conglomeration of inside business that I never see, my guts, all feel brand new.



Hurrah for recognizing how this summer has probably been a one in 20 year, or dare I say, once in a Lifetime summer, a summer that’s playing out more like a special event than a season. Because the more of us who realize our good weather fortune and recognize it in some way shape or form, by rejoicing for instance, which is a 10 dollar word that means loving everything, the better off we’ll all be when our natural weather related high carries over into the next pro-longed stretch of squirrely weather.


It’ll come my friends, the bad weather, count on it.


I’m just saying, when the bad stuff arrives, try not to harp on it, and sputter and stew and piss and moan and yim and yar about it; instead, remember this Spring and Summer of 2012, and tap into some of the reserves you’ve stored when there was so much sun and warmth and good air going around, that we were able to bank an unreasonably huge amount of it.

Now, I’m off to the pool, fool. 


About rustydewees

Rusty DeWees grew up in Stowe, Vt and now lives in Elmore. His TV credits include – Law and Order, Saturday Night Live, The Cosby Mysteries, All my Children, As the World Turns. Film work includes, Black Dog, Ethan Frome, The Devils Own, A Stranger in the Kingdom, Where the Rivers Flow North, Mud Season, and he recently finished the feature film, “Disappearances,” with Kris Kristoferson. He’s appeared in nearly 30 national TV commercials, and was a guest on NPR’s, “Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me” a few weeks ago. Home in Vermont, Rusty created, and is best known for his original one-man show and character, The Logger. Hundreds of thousands of folks have seen the show live and he’s sold nearly as many products between his best selling Logger Dvd’s, cd’s, cassettes, Logger calendars, t –shirts and hats. Rusty writes, produces, and markets his shows as well as his products by himself. If you have a Logger DVD, he’s touched it, several times. Much of DeWees’ time is spent connecting with Vermonters both young and old. As one of Vermont’s most sought after speakers, DeWees gives shows and lectures to High School students on the rewards of substance free living, a lifestyle he follows, but definitely does not extend to his on stage character The Logger. He also plays benefit shows for community organizations, and plays his guitar and sings regularly at an area Nursing Home. Rusty says he’s glad to be here and as always, his shows are rated SC – Some Cussin’
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